Construction: Design & Development

Our approach is inspired by self-directed engineering processes of design, construction & maintenance technology. Wielding a great technological experience a we are intending to develop our local subcontractors in the areas:

     -  Health, Safety Environment & Environment,  

     -  Quality Assurance, 

     -  Programme and  Cost Management. 

     -  Contractor Management,

     -  Reverse Engineering

     - Plant and System Rehabilitation & Re-Engineering

 LemiTechEx has expertise in the field of construction execution, encompassing performance engineering & amp designing, maintenance, welding, software systems and modular construction. She's also has an in-depth knowledgeable experts in testing (NDT) and plant commissioning of fossil-fueled, hydroplants & other power plant types. LemiTechEx can successfully execute projects under multiple labour posture approaches and  is active in virtually all geographical, and operational areas with various, diverse labour and climatic conditions.

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