Adding Value through proven Performance of Technical Expertise

Installation & Maintenance

As part of our Mission, and Vision we are committed to professionally: 

- Execute multi-faceted projects in challenging and globally strategic locations.
- Mobilizing diverse workforce to accomplish the desired customer outputs.
- Link global engineering resources through strategically placed execution centres. 
- Source materials using our global procurement networks and in-country suppliers.
- Planning, Execution, Testing and Handover multifaceted capital project schedules.
- Develop innovative, cost-effective project structures to accommodate our diverse clientele' base.
- Optimize returns of clients capital investments.
- Manage Joint Ventures and have alliances with industry specialists in various domains.



Safety, Health and Environmental Law compliance is KING to LemiTechEx (Pty) Ltd. 

- Delivering projects in a Safe, Healthy and Environmentally sound manner conforming to API, EU and ANSI standards.
- Safety is core value at LemiTechEx. We hold sacred the well-being of our great assets, people – our employees.
- Our Clients and the operative communities are beneficiaries of investments and achievements.
The Industry and governments around the world recognizes LemiTechEx for upholding Safety, Quality and Engineering Standards enshrined in various globally-approved Codes.

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