Asset Management

At LemiTechEx, we understand that managing the portfolio can be time consuming. We therefore are an exclusive management partner for our clients to specially design and refine your investment strategy, but to maximize long term asset performance.

As supplementary division of our business we can find, manage our accounts nationwide, taking care of every step of the process, giving you more time to enjoy the rewards. Specifically, services includes:

  • Management of all necessary documentation, paperwork and statutory obligations. This encompass leases, safety certificates and insurance.
  • The provision of regular, detailed, digital reports concerning the financial performance of the assets.
  • We believe in honesty through informed consultations with our specialists concerning further acquisitions or disposals.
  • Calculating capital values on an annual basis in compliance with company accounting requirements.
  • Furthermore deposits and rent collection, as well as management of any disputes.
  • Finding the right tenants and managing properties.
  • Full maintenance management, whether it involves a trip to the planning office or changing light bulbs.
  • Aesthetic improvements, such as interior redesigns and handling wear and tear.

From the Director: "Don’t let media agents limit your investment's potential for growing". 

From experience, using a regular lettings agent to manage your portfolio has several drawbacks. For one, they are not necessarily interested in ensuring your assets perform at their very best. Decisions, such as those taken to resolve disputes or undertake repairs for example, are not made in your interest but at the agent’s convenience. Without a specialist team, repair work can be left up to an un-vetted third party which, all too often, can yield both expensive and unsatisfactory results, and the dissatisfaction of tenants.

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